10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

4.    Southern Ocean Lodge

It is the top lavish hotel in Australia. It offers a special involvement in venturing out to the Kangaroo Island in Southern Australia. The hotel lies on a cliff close to the south sea drift. Because of its key area, it offers a decent perspective of the encompassing wilderness.

5.    Burj Al Arab

The hotel has extravagance rooms made of mahogany furniture. The floor is made of marble without overlooking the lavish bed accessible. Different rich things incorporate a private cinema, private helicopter and in addition taking a visit driving Rolls Royce car. To stay in this place you should pay $18000 a night.

6.    Penthouse Suite at Cannes Hotel Martinez

Situated in France and cost around $37000 every night. The lodging offers perspectives to islands of Lerins and Cannes Bay. Sumptuous Art Deco furniture and rooms likewise compliment the hotel.

7.    Villa Rockstar at Eden Rock

Situated in St. Barths and cost $34000 every night. The lodging has a five-room space that has a music piano and a recording studio. There is additionally a theater region and two jeeps to visit the range. It’s a terrific lodging.