10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

8.    Maharajah’s Pavilion Hotel

Situated at Raj Palace, Jaipur India is one of the biggest in Asia. This is the place the individuals who need to relax come; there are swimming pools, Jacuzzi, mirror walls and in addition a rich culture. It has a private library and museum. It Costs around $34000 a day.

9.    Royal Suite at Hotel Plaza Athenee

It’s in Paris and cost around $40000 a night. It is acclaimed for its interior outlines and French architects. Also, there are rich elements, for example, Jacuzzi, 3 room suite, and vast TVs.

10.    Presidential suite

Situated at St. Regis in New York City is a famous inn with a world class extravagant hotel and a five star 2 room suites. It has a library, wonderful kitchen, and a Central Park see. It costs around $35,000 a day. This hotel host many people including president of various nations and business men. It has all it takes to give the high end services to those who visit.

Do you want to spend your vacation in one of these hotels? Then you should be well prepared financially. These hotels serve as key element to the economy of the particular country. They also offer employment to many individuals. As we have seen, they host quite a number of people them being presidents and business people. If you are fortunate enough, you can try out these hotels, you will get high class services that you cannot get from anywhere else.